Founded in 1991

Mendoza, s Cook, S.L. is a leading company in the manufacture of high quality puff pastries (empanadas) with a presence in the market through the main Spanish food and distribution chains, with quality as the main objective.


Our empanadas

Empanadas recognized for their quality, elaborated with excellent materials rigorously selected with the most advanced technological systems of production and a rigorous quality control together with the constant I + D + I has led us to achieve unique formats and a variety of flavors such as Tuna, spinach, meat, salmon, ham and cheese, black pudding, hornazo, etc … A real delicatessen for the most exquisite palates!



In Mendoza’s Cook S.L. our main objective is the quality of our products, knowing the importance of this in the satisfaction of our customers. Our strict control, both in raw materials and in all manufacturing processes, allow us to obtain products with the highest quality and food safety. As proof of this and of our commitment to continuous improvement, we have the following quality certificates:


M – Certified Product

Distinctive with which the Community of Madrid guarantees the origin and differentiated quality of its food products. Foods “M Certified Product” are products whose excellence, safety, quality and provenance have been certified.


International Food Standard IFS

Certified in the International Quality Standard Food Standard (IFS v6.1), one of the most widely recognized standards of quality and food safety worldwide and recognized by the GFSI (Global Food Safety). The conformity of products to this standard, provides a guarantee of quality, food safety and reliability for consumers.